Complex "Aphrodite Gardens" participates in a national competition "Building of the Year".

Complex «Aphrodite Gardens»  participates in a national competition «Building of the Year». The competition is the most prestigious event in the field of investment projects, construction and architecture and distinguishes the best achievements in the respective year. Investor and contractor is company «Bon Marche» Ltd.

   Aphrodite Gardens  is a first class complex in the biggest resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast — Sunny Beach. Located inside the resort and surrounded by a richly landscaped park, it is a place for a quiet family vacation, away from the hustle and bustle.

  Situational decision aims to ensure maximum large patio for recreation, designed with precision, hidden from the outside world. To complete comfort of the residents are provided a spacious pool with separate compartment for children, restaurant  and gym.
 The architecture is inspired by ancient cities in Africa. The dynamics in height and diversity in the silhouette gives the complex the feel of a city. Tall columns,  variety of mouldings and openwork domes form a complete whole, with  exact proportion of every detail. Lotus flower is richly interpreted in ornaments and railings, stylized copies towering columns, soft ovals complement the overall look. Warm sandy shades of the facades harmonize with the cool blue of the picturesque pool and remain the feeling of an oasis in the desert. Every element — from the interior of the main lobby to garden furniture — is selected to complete the basic idea of ​​the complex and carry us to a lost world.