Aleksandr Streltsov Moscow - Sanny Beach

We are a young family from a big city. We make a good living and we realized that we are tired of renting an apartment for vacation every year. We wanted to come and rest without any troubles. So we decided to buy a property in Bulgaria on the coast of Sunny Beach. We were advised by friends who bought an apartment in the Aphrodite Rosa complex a year ago.Now I travel here regularly, and my wife and children live here for six months every year. As it turned out, after the signing of contract with the builder of Aphrodite Rose, it is quite profitable to rent out the apartment, as the only inconvenience is that you have to inform in advance about the possible arrival of the tenants.
By the way, you can buy an apartment in Bulgaria at low prices (this is, of course, compared to prices in Moscow).
We were also attracted by the fact that in our absence our apartment is not left without supervision.
We thought that even with the payment of taxes, opening a bank account, payment for maintenance of an apartment and other formalities related to the registration of real estate in Bulgaria, it is still cheaper than every year to book an apartment in a hotel.
Here are some advantages of living in Aphrodite Rose specifically for our family: a visa for property owners for a period of 2 years with an unlimited number of entries into the country and it's pretty easy to apply for it again; the sea is very close; in the city of Varna there is a dalphinarium with the possibility of contact with the animals, which is useful for our children; children's pool, it is good for children to swim; massage services; residents are kind to children, it is not customary to maintain relations with neighbors, but a neighbor from Germany alone offered her children to play with our children.There are practically no household worries, you can wash in the laundry room, the apartment will be cleaned by a specialist, you can eat (and quite tasty) in a cafe; magnificent park area, it is a pleasure to walk here. Walking distance to shops and bank; there is a public transport stop nearby (but in practice we don't need it because we rent a car); parking and 24-hour surveillance are available.We may have missed something, but these are the most important things.
If you think it's time to buy a property on the beach in Bulgaria, buy in Aphrodite Rosa. I recommend.